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Huntington Beach is home to families of Oilers spanning multiple generations, and that innate tradition is something we are very proud of here at HBHS. In fact, a number of the teachers here on campus are former student Oilers. Because of our long-standing traditions, our surrounding community is important to us, and we are to them. Our community helps provide authentic, real-world learning opportunities as well as opens doors for our students after graduation. It is important that we, as Oilers, recognize this and find ways to contribute to the HB community, a community built on the planks of the iconic HB pier. Oilers GIVE back to our community.

Want to GIVE at HBHS? 

Checkout the campus and community service resources below

Looking for campus or community service hours? Want to help out or get involved on campus or in the local HB community? 

View the resources and event options below || Check back regularly for event updates


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